Cja 394 week 5 dq 2

When may force be used in self-defense? Be sure to include a discussion of ethical and legal standards applicable to the various participants and how they impact our criminal justice system and affect in shaping both substantive law and procedural law.

Create a program that the court could offer as part of a sentencing option that you think would be effective when given to offenders enrolled in the program. Describe the changes policing agencies have made at the local, state, an.

How can we improve the approach in which we combat major crimes and criminal issues affecting justice systems and processes? Explain the differences between the juvenile justice system and the criminal court system.

What is your initial response to the idea that criminal behavior is learned the same as anything else? Think about the organization you work in, or one in which you are familiar with: Discussion question responses should be at least How can we improve professional standards and values of the criminal justice system so that they are represented equally nationwide?

What are the common organizational behavior concepts employed by criminal justice organizations? How does the relationship among ethics, critical thinking, and behavior impact the criminal justice system from an administrative standpoint?

Discuss court rulings that mandate reductions in prison populations. What characteristics of that job are sources of motivation and what characteristics may lead to dissatisfaction or burnout? Write a 1, to 1,word paper discussing policing practices and operations.

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Current and Futures Roles of Policing Discuss the use of technology by officers and the community as it relates to policing. Films on Demand videos located in this week's Electronic Reserve Readings: How can we improve the relationship among these areas within the criminal justice system law enforcement, courts, and corrections?

Week 4 DQ3 What are the fiscal demands of correctional organizations? Compare and contrast the criteria needed for these organizational behavior concepts to be successful within the criminal justice arena.

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We condemn crime; we punish offenders for it; but we need it. Till nothing is as there rewarding as finding the next Stephen King: Discuss which of the recommendations presented in chapter 13 of Justice Blind do you think is most likely to be implemented in the near future taking into consideration the current economic and political landscape?

What changes would you recommend to improve the role of the various personnel who have a direct affect i. How did the right to a jury trial develop? What would happen if adult and juvenile procedures were the same? How would you respond to David Abrahamsen's statement, "The American dream, is, in part, responsible for a great deal of crime and violence because people feel that the country owes them not only a living but a good living"?

Give an example of potential changes in the law. How does international terrorism affect daily life in the United States? What would happen if policing organizations failed to successfully analyze and plan for the future based on past and present trends? How does the relationship among ethics, critical thinking, and behavior impact the criminal justice system from an administrative standpoint?


For more course tutorials visit www. Research existing community-based correctional programs in your area.

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This Tutorial contains 2 Papers Paper words, Paper 2- words Prepare responses to the following discussion questions: In your proposal choose five areas of ethical conduct that will be stressed in the seminar.

How does the data support the notion that crime control theories positively or negatively impact policing functions? Explain some of the methods used by the United States to curb terrorism.

What would happen to rehabilitation efforts and success if these programs were limited, or not available? Often when dealing personal statements, clouds turner into the part of postgraduate and not enough in an opportunity to squeeze in all your accomplishments, resume-style.

What recommendations would you suggest so that policing organizations are more successful? You are the parent of a year-old boy. A Study in Public Safety Resource: What is an example of an educational program used in institutional and community corrections?

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Cja 394 week 5 dq 2
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