Organization development consultant plan for the red cross essay

It helps in avoiding the chaos during the work and repetition of efforts could also minimize. On the basis of interview sessions it could be stated that aligning these theories is essential at very large scale, but applicability must be completely dependent upon the current business situation else negative consequences could be experienced Heaney, Here risk factors include both internal as well as external factors.

If the communication process is not so good, then the level of grudges and conflicts could be high as cited in an interview. Examples are the distribution of food, shelter or health services.

While grabbing the opportunities the organization has to work within their ethical boundaries. The draft questionnaires must be tested and finalized as part of Annexes in Inception Report.

Augmenting investment in disaster preparedness and readiness capacity, the expected outcomes include: What would be the appropriate next step to keep the energy going in the desired direction? In order to establish an understanding and commitment to the new vision for the American Red Cross from the current leaders, McGovern must commit herself to communication in all ways, and at every level of the organization possible.

The Final Report should include contents as follow: This, in turn, will directly affect the stability and future direction of the organization as it strives to grow and thrive in a vastly competitive environment over arguably shrinking economic resources. The consultant may not use the data for their own research purposes, nor license the data to be used by others, without the written consent of the American Red Cross.

According to them coordination makes work easier and allow to deal with challenges in an effective manner Suppiah and Sandhu, There are four basic categories of OD interventions.

McGovern must be unmistakably clear in saying her vision for the American Red Cross. Develop two questionnaires for household survey at community level and for students at school level.

Through these aspects the organizational culture could also be built in a proper way. Good interaction of sharing of experiences can generate yielding results for the longer period of time. We provide custom workshops that increase people's interpersonal competencies.

Further the communication is something which brings people together and enables them to work in a team. This is accomplished by first determining the current climate of the organization through the data gathering methods mentioned previously, which establishes a base-line from which to monitor progress, and then devising organization strategies media, social-media, print-media, etc… to disseminate the vision quickly and develop the sense of urgency necessary.

Further the role of communication and teamwork is also clear with the help of the above scenario. More the people will share their experiences the knowledge transfer could take place within the business entity. This attending to detail can non be emphasized plenty as the reading of the information unveils the strengths and failings of the organisation.

Thus, these are certain justified recommendations with a view of fostering the organizational development. Therefore, newly established behaviors that promote the desired cultural norms must be continually re-enforced to ensure long-term success.

Change Management All people and organizations are constantly going through change. The CEO must develop a sense of urgency. This new phase of intervention will assist 11 communities in the States of Chuuk and Kosrae, with two main objectives that are 1 to strengthen the resilience of vulnerable small island communities to mitigate risk and negative impact of coastal hazards, especially typhoons and 2 to strengthen coastal community resiliency through improved water sources, sanitation along with corresponding hygiene practices.

Organization Development Consultant Plan for the Red Cross Essay

The company can assess the risk in an appropriate way along with the formulation of proper risk avoidance strategies.

A well established theory of organizational development, tailored to the American Red Cross, must be adhered to. McGovern must be unmistakably clear in stating her vision for the American Red Cross, the path in which the organization must follow to be successful in accomplishing the vision, the expectations of each leader who reports directly to her, the benchmarks for measurement of progress, and a method for objective follow-up.

Another limitation is that the theories are generally based upon past events or some observations. These initial steps involve a preliminary exploration of the organization's problems and issues, plus developing a collaborative relationship between the consultant and key members of the client organization regarding how to work on those issues.

Personality Type Training We have found that personality type training is an excellent foundational tool for people to understand themselves and others. Communication and Interpersonal Skills in Social Work. This is accomplished by first finding the current clime of the organisation through the informations assemblage methods mentioned antecedently.

Team Building Teamwork and collaboration are greatly facilitated by team building processes.Organization Development Consultant Plan for the Red Cross. Employees, volunteers, contributors). Clear expectations and limitation on what the organization development consultant’s role will be during the process, as well as future follow-up assessments, must be defined.

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Organization Development Consultant Plan for the Red Cross

August 5, Media –. Organizational Development Anthony Ford PSY/ September 27, Agnes Browne Organizational Development Organization Development is a development where [If not referring to a place, instead of "where," use "which" or "in which"] organizations formulate the best plan for ultimate resourcefulness and the most.

Client's desire to manipulate the consultant or use the consultant in ways that violate the latter's ethical framework Diagnosis It is important for the consultant to obtain current relevant data about the organization and to develop a diagnosis of the organization's functioning and major issues.

The American Red Cross strateg essays I will be using the American Red Cross. The American Red Cross, founded in by Clara Barton, is an independent organization supported by the American people through donations of time, money, and blood.

Approximately million people volunteer for the Red. Organization Development Consultant Nigerian Red Cross Society. Nigerian Red Cross Society. Emmanuel Bashiru. Organization Development Consultant at Organization Development.


Organization Development Consultant Plan for the Red Cross Essay. Categories. Free Essays; Tags. The American Red Cross is dedicated to assisting people in demand throughout the United States.

Most of the state may non recognize how much the Red Cross accomplishes this baronial naming through the dependence on the generous parts of clip.

Organization development consultant plan for the red cross essay
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